Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training Your Life, Not Your Head

This week, I've been blessed to listen to a well known speaker named Dean Sherman. On Monday, God spoke revelation into my life through him. Before I say anything, I want to confess that I am guilty of doing specifically what I am writing about. On the other hand, I have been transformed by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and now strive to live the way Christ commands us to. I want to reiterate my revelation, and share the truth within our church today.

Every major religion on earth is a 24/7 religion except the western, Christian church. Muslims, for example, live, breathe, dress, and surround their lives with their faith. Everything they do, includes their faith. On the other hand, most "Christians" in the western world hide their faith in a room, only to meet up with it, one day a week, during a Sunday morning church service. All the remaining days of the week, they return to their secular jobs and never bring Christ with them. Moreover, the Christian church has become distracted; focusing on arguing about doctrine and faith rather than the life Jesus commands us to live.
If we look back to the Old Testament, God's people were living out the ways of God in a 24/7 community called Israel (This is how Dean describes it). What's happened since then? Yes, Jesus came and died on the cross for our salvation, but He didn't say, "Now that you're saved, don't worry about the way you live." Do you believe the only reason Jesus came was to die on the cross for our salvation? If yes, why was He on earth, living as a human being for 30+ years? I believe Jesus was here for all those years to set an example of how we need to live our lives. If Jesus' only purpose was our salvation, I think God would have finished His mission much quicker.

Are you aware that millions of people in the world drive by church buildings everyday; see the cross, know what it represents, have heard the gospel, but still do not care? It's true. There are still many people who do not care about the gospel!


I think people don't care because they don't see a difference with "Christians." All they see are people who go to church, fill there heads with "nonsense," and return to their normal lives. The point I'm trying to make is this: following Christ is about training your LIFE, not your head. The truth of God and the gospel of Christ is all about life! Jesus said, " I have come that they may have life, and life to the full" - John 10:10. Isn't it strange that most people in the secular world, when they see something that doesn't parallel the Christian life will say, "I thought you were a Christian?" Somehow, even the secular world can see that being a Christian is about the life! If we were to live a true Christian life, we would be attractive. I believe that is when people would care. They would see a difference if we lived how Christ exemplified. Not only would they care, but I think they would begin to wonder... What do you think?

In John 1:4, it says, "In him was life, and that life was the light of men." Not only is the light in Jesus, but when he died, Jesus left us a gift. He gave us the Holy Spirit. He left his spirit to dwell in us! Ultimately, that means we (Christians) are to live in the spirit, like Christ, so we may be a light for the world! Being a Christian is about the mission Jesus left in our hands. Unfortunately, we spend too much time arguing the faith, when we should be showing and supporting the life!

I say all this to motivate you. If you have accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life, you have the Spirit of God, the creator of the entire universe, living inside you! This is good news! This means that you can be a light to the world! Now I'm asking you... Can you improve the way you represent Christ and the life he promises?


  1. Hi Anthony,
    I like what you said in your writing. I believe that everyone, including myself, can "improve the way you represent Christ and the life he promises." I believe it starts with surrendering to God daily and then working on ourselves to become more authentic and Christlike. I like the quote by St. Augustine when he says, "Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you." I know for myself it is important for me to confess, repent, and forgive daily. Only then can I even begin to emulate Christlike living.
    Keep up the great blogs my son! I love you! Mom

  2. Well said sir! Great insight! I too believe that we should reflect Christ in everything we do. What would it look like if we were 24/7 Apprentices of Jesus in the way "live, breathe, dress, and surround (our) lives?"

  3. Hello to all the Schullers and
    everybody else who reads this

    Anthony certainly has given me
    a lot of "food for thought"
    You ask about improving the way you represent Christ.
    At the moment I and Len my
    husband cannot get to church
    because of the times of the
    services. Len is not allowed to drive our car at the moment
    because of having had a stroke
    fortunately it was only a slight one. I am praying for
    God's guidance as to which
    church we should go to when we
    are able to get to church again. It is my desire to be
    used by God in this new church. God bless Barbie

  4. Hi Bobby.. I knew you would ask that very important question. Although I feel I'm singing to the choir, I will gladly give some examples of what a 24/7 christian life would look like.

    Living a 24/7 Christian life is one that is faithful in the small and stepping out in love when other won't. This lifestyle is depicted in the gospels and Paul's letters. Paul writes about the fruits of the Spirit, but what does applying that look like?

    Many times over, Jesus talks about less is more. Take a look the account of Jesus in Luke 14:1-14. Jesus is at a pharisees house. He explains the simplicity of humility and the honor it brings both those around you and yourself.

    What about the Parable of the Good Samaritan? What was that all about? So many people read and know that parable, but for some odd reason, the knowledge never travels from their head to their heart. Here, Jesus describes how a Christian life should look like. We should care for those around us. When no one else pays attention to the "crazy" homeless man on Chapman Ave, We (Christians) should be taking care of him! How many times have you seen someone pray for a homeless person on the streets? Why not? I think God can truly move in act so simple. After all Jesus does say, "What you do for the least of these, you do for me."

    How about surrendering your life Jesus as Lord? I believe surrendering should include giving your future plans up for God, Aligning your will with His, admitting your wrong, and saying, "If you ask me to do something Lord, I will do it!"

    I am not saying that you have to sell everything you have and live on the streets. What I am saying is if God TELLS you to, would you? A good example is Luke 9:57-62: The Cost of Following Jesus.

    I think you get the picture. For those who are reading this and wonder wear to start, I'll give you an easy one. Clear someone's plate you don't know.. (Yes, that would be difficult at a nice restaurant where you're served by a waiter. What about at McDonalds?)

    I'm glad you asked me that, brother. I love you. Good job with the St. Patrick Project!

  5. Hi Anthony, great attitudes. Your so right! It's not done to go every Sunday to chuch or watch sermons on TV, reading religious books and the bible. We should follow the good messages and inherit in our own lives. We should live like Christ lived. Doing good things for others. Examples; smiling at others, beeing friendly and compationate even others are harsh against us. Or lending them a hand if it's necessary. Praying for others. If possible together with a person in need. I go to a pentacostal church almost every Sunday. There one of the pastors told us; it's not done to sit every Sunday in the pew, we must do things Jesus did. Right! I tell my friends how the gospel changed my life positirively. If they will follow Jesus too, it's their own decision . - My prayers are with you. - God is blessing you, young man. Rosemarie