Friday, September 4, 2009

Only the Beginning

Hi everyone! This is my first blog of what will be many. I'm excited to share with everyone how God is going to lead and guide me throughout my life. I hope you'll begin to check my blog regularly as I make new posts. I don't intend to simply update the people who read my blog, but rather testify God's faithfulness while sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ. After all, we are called to "preach the good news to all creation" - Mark 16:15.


  1. Hi Anthony, I'm a follower of your mum, Bobby and Angie's blogs. I know your great parents personally from their Europe visits and mine to CC. Your dad rebaptized me Dec.'07 in CC with assistance from your mum. Wow! - I have seen/listened to your wee HoP/Holland interview. I liked it! - I pray that everything is going well for you in Australia and your christian life. Swiss Rosemarie

  2. Hi Rosemarie! Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. You're the first person! About the interview, I know which interview you are talking about, but I haven't seen it. Thank you for your prayers. God truly is at work! I'm beginning a whole new chapter in my life as I walk into the calling God has on my life. Please keep me in your prayers so I may keep my heart open to hear what God wants to do.

  3. Anthony, the interview is online Aug. 23. almost at the begining. I guess after the modrator has told something in Dutch. . My prayers are with you. - God is blessing you! - Rosemarie

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Jan-Michael, here in Canada, is excited to read that you are going to share your experiences as you train in Australia; then, as I understand it, will receive a posting to work in another country helping people!

    I am so looking forward to your impressions and perspectives as you follow His calling to you and you reach out to those in need of your learned and positive approach.

    Like Rosemarie who wrote earlier, I too have become a follower of your Mum on "Donna's Blog". I am a supporter of St Patrick Project and get Bobby's The Gathering podcasts and videos. Angie's Blog most recently plus and now Anthony's Blog...Wow. This is so great!

    Best wishes and thank you mostly for taking up God's challenging work plus allowing us to learn from your experiences in your blogs!

    God is blessing you, Anthony;
    Jan-Michael (Toronto, Canada)

    PS I do not know how often you will have new messages but whenever you feel the time is right, I will enjoy and be inspired by your blogs. I feel certain of that just from the way you have opened on this first blog!

  5. Hi Anthony!
    I am so glad that you decided to do a blog. There will be so many that are interested in following you as you minister to many in Australia, Papua, New Guinea, and beyond. We can all hold you up in prayer. Dad and I are so proud of you and all you are doing for the Kingdom of God. We love you! Mom

  6. Hi Anthony,
    I think what you're doing is wonderful and I am grateful for the blogs from you and your family'

  7. Hi Again,
    I just saw the YWAM video that you sent and whoah is it powerful! Can you please post it on your facebook and also here on your blog? I think it would be so great if everyone could see that video. It explains so much relating to what you are doing. It brought tears to my eyes. Love, Mom

  8. Hi: Anthony:
    Like Patty said it is wonderfull what you are doing . And I am also greatful your Blog. And very interested to Listen to your video.

  9. Mom,

    Yes, I am planning on putting that on my blog in my next post. I'll be putting it together in the next couple of hours.

  10. Jan-Michael,

    Thank you for supporting my family and I. I truly appreciate it. I will be posting as much as possible before I leave for outreach in the next 6-7 weeks from now, so please keep checking back and you'll see more posts. Once again, thank you for your support!

  11. Hello Anthony. I live in the
    same state of Australia where you are working. I live in Brisbane. I do hope that
    everything is going all right
    for you. I am a follower of
    all the Schuller blogs
    God bless you
    Barbie M

  12. Wow Anthony I am so proud of you! I remember 3 years ago? when you sat in the front row of my class with questions, excitment, and dicovering life. I was hoping we could connect again and we could share more moments of learning. I knew you were special and I am glad that you discovered God and his love again.

    You Rock
    Professor Grant

  13. Barbie: Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. This is an awesome state in Australia... thanks for supporting my family and I. God bless.

    Prof. Grant: What's up man! Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I can't believe I was sitting in your class already 3 years ago.. It's good hearing from you. God is awesome! Take care and I hope to hear from you again. Keep checking my blog!

  14. Anthony I hope that you are
    coping with the Queensland
    weather OK. It will be hotter
    An idea for you. A lot of people including me and my husband Len have plastic bottles and fill them with water. We taken these with us
    when we go out in the hot
    weather. Just thought that I
    would pass this on. I also told this to Donna so you might get told this twice.
    God bless you and the other
    people who are doing their
    training with you Barbie M

  15. Hi:Anthony
    Glad to have you back and that you are going to a Blog. I will be looking forward to reading it. As I do Donna,s God Bless!

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